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The Ideation Corner seeks a Uganda where every innovative and entrepreneurial youth has access to cheap capital to scale their business.


This book has been written, printed and published by the Ideation Corner Enterprises.


The Ideation Corner Book Season One also has an audio version. The book is a compilation of compelling and impactful stories as shared by indigenous entrepreneurs.


We produce and air weekly episodes featuring Ugandan Entrepreneurs and Business Thought Leaders. Our guests are mainly Youth and Women.


We are a social impact fund that seeks a Uganda where innovative young entrepreneurs, especially women, have access to capital to scale their business.

Our work is guided by our mission to have social impact by advancing capital and incubator services to young entrepreneurs, especially young women, to scale their businesses, create jobs, increase incomes, and increase trade.

The Ideation Corner is one of the few organisations that established a social impact fund that aims to provide non-collateralised capital exclusively in Africa, exclusively for African youth, at near zero interest rates.

Our strategy sets an ambitious goal for the next decade, by 2030, our work will enable 1million youth in Uganda, especially young women, to secure capital, create jobs, and trade in a dignified fulfilling manner.

Using youth employment as a key measure of social economic progress, we aim to help young people to trade themselves out of poverty. 

Our Mission

To advance and catalyze entrepreneurship amongst youth, especially women, in Uganda.

The Ideation Corner seeks a Uganda where every innovative and entrepreneurial youth has access to cheap capital to scale their business.

Everyone matters, no matter their social status, no matter where and to whom they were born to; everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed if they apply themselves.

We strongly believe that with access to cheap capital, innovative Ugandan youth, will be able to scale their businesses and have a strong chance to generational success and generational wealth. 

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We value integrity and do what is right. We value integrity and do what is right.


The best qualities out of anyone can only be got by treating each other with kindness and respect.


We are focused on results and direct all actions towards this one outcome.


We embrace the opportunities available and leverage them for greater outcomes.


Humility is our greatest source of strength as we serve the common good.


We work together to achieve the best outcomes by leveraging each other’s greatest strengths and each other’s comparative advantage.

About Our Founder

Damali Ssali

Damali Ssali is a Ugandan Afro-optimist, an Author and the Founder of the Ideation Corner. She is the Ambassador of Women’s Entreprenuership Day Organisation for Uganda, Chief Programs and Projects Officer for Private Sector Foundation (PSFU) and an Advisory Board Member of the Africa Continental Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Her range of expertise includes financial services, trade policy, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Damali is an Alumna of Harvard Business School where she specialised in Executive Leadership. She also holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, with a specialisation in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Management.

She is an accountant by training, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and an affiliate of the Institute of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Damali started off her career in financial services industry, in the City of London in the United Kingdom , working with one of the largest hedge funds in the world.

Later, she transitioned her career into trade development when she relocated back to Uganda in 2013 with dreams of setting up a venture capital fund to support innovative young Ugandans with seed funding.


Damali Ssali

Founder Ideation Corner

Damali is a Development Expert with experience of over 15 years in senior management. 

Charlotte Neeza

Content Developer

Charlotte is an ICT professional with experience of more than 10 years. 

Emily Sonia

Content Developer

Emily is a high school student, with special interest in FinTech and Technology in general. 


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The Ideation Corner seeks a Uganda where every innovative and entrepreneurial
youth has access to cheap capital to scale their business.