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Women Entrepreneurship Celebration 2024 by IDC

Third Women Entrepreneurship Celebration

We convey warm greetings from Ideation Corner Foundation, a social impact fund that seeks a Uganda where innovative young entrepreneurs, especially women, have access to capital to scale their businesses.

Over the past five years, the Ideation Corner Foundation has contributed to Uganda and Africa’s entrepreneurship success through offering young entrepreneurs a free space to ideate, conceptualize, develop, fine tune and convert their ideas in to reality, in addition to supporting those already on the market with the much required business management skills.

During this period, we have interacted with over 500 innovators, hosted close to 100 entrepreneurs on our platforms, and featured up to 22 visionaries in our inaugural Ideation Corner book that was published in 2021.

We strongly believe that women and girls are agents of positive change and thus, we put them at the center of our discussions, participation, and implementation of the programs we implement. Our activities boost social transformation; enhancing women and girls’ control over their lives.

We advocate for women’s inclusion in all business and financial related services as this will boost their participation in all the economy sectors.

From our interaction with women entrepreneurs, we discovered that while a lot of effort continues to be channeled towards encouraging them to put their best foot forward, little or no effort is being channeled towards ‘looking back to appreciate the ride so far, celebrate the small milestones, network, re-energize and continue with the journey of transformation’.

It goes without saying that many entrepreneurs invest a lot of resources, most of which is never recouped yet a token of appreciation, however small would go a long way in reminding them that they are valued, and their contribution is much appreciation. It is from this background that we came up with the annual Women Entrepreneurship Celebrations.

Organized by the Ideation Corner Foundation in partnership with HiPipo and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organisation (WEDO), the first of its kind Women Entrepreneurship Celebration was held in 2021 at the Stanbic Business Incubator, Kololo; attended by  up to 25 Women Entrepreneurs.  The second took a dinner theme and was held on Saturday 17th December 2022 at Kampala Serena Hotel, attracting up to 50 Women Entrepreneurs drawn from across the economy.

Building on the remarkable success of the first and second editions, the third Women Entrepreneurship Celebration is set to be held on Friday 5th July, 2024 in Kampala. It will be hosted by Ambassador Damali Ssali; a Ugandan Afro-optimist, an Author and Founder of the Ideation Corner, WEDO Ambassador for Uganda, and an Advisory Board Member of the Africa Continental Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Why we will succeed?

Our proven track record of discovering and showcasing innovators, promoting collaboration within industries, capacity building and strategic advocacy for equity for women in business have positioned us for unparalleled success. 

Our initiatives, particularly those aimed at empowering women and bridging the human capital gap, have laid a solid foundation for sustainable and inclusive growth. The recognition and goodwill we have garnered from stakeholders across the board, including government and private players, are testaments to our potential for making even greater impact.

Objectives of the annual Women Entrepreneurship Celebrations

  1. To recognize exceptional women entrepreneurs that are leading Uganda’s transformation.
  2. To give young and upcoming women innovators a chance to learn, interact and network with already established entrepreneurs.
  3. To give young and upcoming entrepreneurs a chance to share their stories  opportunities and challenges and thus encourage and inspire their peers to start from somewhere.
  4. To celebrate all the milestones; whether small or big that women founders and business leaders have accomplished over the years.

Our Proposal

The 2024 Women Entrepreneurship Celebration will bring together up to100 women entrepreneurs. We therefore invite your Organisation to come onboard as an official partner for this initiative. 

Being part of this initiative will come with multiple benefits including among others; opportunities to collaborate with women entrepreneurs, commitment to affirmative action for women and the youth, direct and indirect sales, brand building and positioning. 


Why now?

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Ugandan women entrepreneurs, with majority losing their working capital, businesses and livelihoods. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds have picked themselves up and started to rebuild though still face capital, market acquisition and expansion issues.

As we strive towards recovery, we need to celebrate those that are winning, reflect to the opportunities available and challenges faced while also continuing to support those in the struggle to success.

Why Ideation Corner Foundation?

We have over the past five years been actively involved in youth and women empowerment. Our transformative works have won support from within and outside Uganda. Our core team has the collective experience of over 30 years in supporting women and youth businesses. Lastly, the Women Entrepreneurship Celebration is our brainchild; conceptualized and first implemented in 2021. All these factors make us the best organization to implement this initiative.   

Partnership slots

To further amplify this activity and give a befitting celebration to the over 100 Women Entrepreneurs that we shall host, we are reaching out to you and your organization as we believe that your work properly aligns with this honorable cause. 

Here are the five partnership packages available as shown in the table below.

Women Entrepreneurship Celebration Participation Packages

We shall be pleased to have you on board. In case of any clarification, please reach out:
Charlotte: 0787611629
Nicholas: 0773686569
Email: ideationcorner@gmail.com