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Second Women Entrepreneurship Celebrations held in Uganda.

On Saturday 17th December, 2022, the Ideation Corner Foundation hosted the second Women Entrepreneurship Celebrations with a call for women to support each other and ensure that women founded and women led businesses succeed.

Organized by the Ideation Corner Foundation in partnership with HiPipo and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organisation (WEDO), the first of its kind Women Entrepreneurship Celebration was held in 2021 at the Stanbic Business Incubator, Kololo; attended by up to 25 Women Entrepreneurs.

The second celebrations held at Kampala Serena Hotel took a dinner theme, attracting up to 50 Women Entrepreneurs who each had a chance to pitch their businesses, share experiences and mutually celebrate each other’s accomplishments.


Speakers, one after the other rallied women to believe in their innovations and ideas, package them well and take them to the market as ‘there is never a 100 per cent ready product.’ 

These celebrations were part of the 2022 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day celebrations marked by WEDO and commemorated globally.

The event recognized exceptional women entrepreneurs that are leading Uganda’s transformation, gave young and upcoming women innovators an unparalleled chance to network with already established entrepreneurs and recognized all the milestones that women founders and business leaders have accomplished over the years.

Damali Ssali, the Ideation Corner Founder noted that these celebrations were timely with many businesses just recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic that created much havoc and forced hundreds of businesses to close shop, majority of which were owned by Women.

“The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Ugandan women entrepreneurs, with majority losing their working capital, businesses and livelihoods. As we strive towards recovery, we need to celebrate those businesses that survived the pandemic and now doing everything possible to rebuild.”